Parliament receive copies of spiritual enlightment book

Parliament on Friday received 250 copies of spiritual enlightenment book known as the Zahar, from students of the Kabbalah Centre, London, United Kingdom. Mrs. Zeta Annan, who made the presentation, said the Zahra is a historical important book inspiring millions of people of all faiths and backgrounds with the light of God. She said many centuries ago, the greatest minds in history from Plato to Pythagoras, studied the message of wisdom contained in the book, and said �today Sir Isaac Newton�s copy is archived at Trinity College library in Cambridge, England.� Mrs. Anna said thousands of Zahar books have already been donated by the Kabbalah Centre to Embassies, government leaders, hospitals, universities, charitable organisations and other institutions around the world. She said the Kabbalah Centre hoped to donate copies of the book to organisations in all the ten regions of Ghana. Mr Doe Adjaho, First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, who received the copies of book, thanked Mrs Annan for the gesture, and said each of the 230 Members of Parliament would be given a copy of the book.