Fred Nuamah Caught Driving Ghana Movie Awards Car

Founder and main organizer of the Ghana Movie Awards, Fred Nuamah, has been spotted in town by cameras cruising in the Zoyte SUV car meant for winners of the “Best Actress in Lead Role (English) category. Fred was seen personally driving the car at the Aphrodisiac Night Club on Saturday, July 16, 2011 during the Eviction Party for Ghanaian Big Brother Amplified housemate Alex Biney. Fred, who also doubles as an actor, was in the company of two Nigerian Producers in Ghana for business and to also grace the eviction party. He admitted driving the prize car to Aphrodisiac Night Club on the said date but explained rather casually that he decided to take it out for a spin to social events in a bid to "make the car somewhat visible". When Fred was asked on Peace FM’s “Entertainment Review” why he has decided to drive a branded car instead of his personal car, he replied, "there is no big deal if i decide to drive a car i personally acquired for two top winners of the Ghana Movie Awards". According to him, winners of the prize car were supposed to cruise around town in it as a form of advertising the various companies that sponsored the event and showcase their respective logos, but since the four actresses have refused to drive the car, he will do so himself. “It is not my fault that the actresses have not come for their car but the promise we made to the sponsors must be fulfilled...It is just fair to understand where I am coming from, as the founder of the event. I am driving the car because the second edition of the awards is coming on this year; I presented the car to the four of them and up till now they have not come for it for no reason and we can’t allow it to sit in a parking lot,” Fred Nuamah said. “If you refuse to abide by the rules given to you the car is taken from you. I have already said that I am going to meet with the jury then we decide on the car but we can’t say that because they have won the car and they are not driving it we should leave it parked there. At least I have to warm the engine once in a while...It is a promotional car, there are company logos on the car so if they are doing this, either I find somebody to do it or I do it myself”. He disagreed with the suggestion that it was unethical to cruise around town in the prize car. “If you tell me that you saw my sister, my uncle, my mother or any member of my family driving the car, I will concede that is wrong; but I drove the car myself meaning that we are promoting the event because the second edition is around the corner," he explained.