Legon Authorities Ready To Dialogue With Students

The University of Ghana has registered its disappointment at Wednesday�s student�s demonstration over recent increases in its residential fees, noting that its doors are still open for dialogue and negotiation. The Director of Public Affairs of the university, Mrs Stella Amoa told the Daily Graphic newspaper in Accra yesterday that negotiations were never off the table, adding that the public display of unrest was unnecessary. Students of the University of Ghana, Legon took to the streets in Accra on Wednesday in reaction to increases in various residential fees, including security, sanitation and healthcare. The event was organized by the Executive Council of the Students Representative Council of Legon (SRC), the National Union of Ghana students (NUGS), the University of Ghana USAG and the Graduate Students Association of Ghana (GRASAG). The cost hikes come into effect next academic year, but Mrs Amoa believed that the students acted rashly. She said the management of the university had made it clear that the �the door for dialogue is still open and demonstrations should really be seen as a last resort�. The protest, she emphasized, came after numerous concessions from management in an effort to ease the financial burden on students.