'Agitations In Volta Region Are Preposterous'

Oneghana Network, a Ho-based Civil Society Group, has dismissed as “blackmail” agitations for the dismissal of certain political appointees in the Volta Region for non-performance. A press statement signed by Eric Afenyo, Convener of the Group, said the arguments being advanced by the agitators were totally disjointed. Volta Regional National Democratic Congress (NDC) Youth for Action has planned a street protest in Ho on August 03 to press for the dismissal of Mr Joseph Amenowode, Regional Minister and Isaac Kodobisah, the HO Municipal Chief Executive. The group accused the two of uninspired leadership, which was holding back the development of the region and therefore making the party unpopular in the region. The Oneghana network said the leaders of the NDC Youth Group, by their actions, were mistakenly substituting their self-seeking expectations for the national good. The statement said the agitations were plots of “some self-seeking politicians together with some business people with the sole aim of disgracing some leaders simply because they requested for one favour or the other which rightfully did not come to them”. It stated that government appointees represented the country and not cliques within a party whose bidding alone should be done and therefore must be left free to serve public interest. The statement said the pressures on the appointees were tantamount to holding them “hostage to derail the economic and social gain being made as a region and will be resisted.” It said statements by some traditional leaders lamenting government’s inability to meet its elections promises were also disappointing since they were “well placed to seek clarification on matters of national importance”. The Oneghana Network, which claims to have field officers reporting and monitoring development projects in the region, stated that the promised Volta University of Allied Sciences and the Eastern Corridor road were on course.