Obinim Runs Away

But for the fears entertained by a Ghanaian man of God, Ghanaians would have had the rare opportunity of witnessing a replica of the contest on Mount Carmel between the Prophet Elijah and the prophets of Baal in which the former defeated the latter. That contest would definitely have attracted more tourists to Ghana since Christians and believers of other faiths would have liked to watch something closer to that historic contest on Mount Carmel thousands of years ago. But the embattled leader of the International God�s Way Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim, after bragging that he could challenge any man of God in a spiritual duel of miracles, has apparently fled after the dreaded fetish priest, Nana Kwaku Bonsam publicly accepted the challenge. For close to a week after Bonsam accepted the challenge from the bishop and dared him to suggest a venue and date, Obinim has remained silent on the matter, leaving the fetish priest to make mockery of him. �You see�he can�t talk anymore. If he cannot face me, a fetish priest, how can he face the true pastors of the God of Heaven�I would have turned him into a cripple just like he did to the boy�as for the mental illness, I would have mercy on him because he is already behaving like a mad man,� Bonsam told NEWS-ONE. Obinim had told Ghanaians that he was responsible for the paralysis and the neurological disorder of an innocent child after he had committed adultery with the child�s mother. According to Obinim, he intentionally paralyzed the innocent child because the mother had threatened to let the public know of the adultery. The bishop conceded that though he had been wicked on the innocent child, he was still having the anointing and calling of a righteous man of God and dared any other man of God to challenge him in a miracle contest. But Bonsam had also bragged that he would cure the innocent boy and reverse the child�s paralysis to the sender, Obinim, if the bishop would be bold enough to face him in a spiritual competition. Meanwhile, Obinim is still under fire after his assault and vandalism at Hot FM in Accra. Obinim is noted for repeating endless chants of �halleluiah�, during his television preaching series. He drives very expensive cars and has a couple of houses in both Kumasi and Accra. The man of God has over the years been the lead character of several scandals. Obinim Divorce Scandal News broke in July of 2009 that Florence Obinim, one of Ghana�s finest female gospel artistes, had packed bag and baggage and headed for London with her two kids without the knowledge of her husband, Bishop Daniel Obinim. The ace gospel singer, who was pregnant, according to sources, left for London after a heated quarrel with her husband. The two were said to have engaged in fiery fisticuffs at their matrimonial home. He has however settled his differences with Florence and they are living happily as man and wife Obinim In Human Parts Scandal In November of 2009, the Suame Divisional Police Crime Officer, DSP Kwaku Duah, confirmed to PEACE NEWS that he had ordered Bishop Obinim to produce two individuals to assist in investigations into a case of conspiracy. Bishop Daniel Obinim is alleged to be the brain behind a plot to bury dead snakes, bones suspected to be human parts, red candles at the church premises of a rival pastor, Prophet Ebenezer Adarkwa Yiadom, at Ahenema Kokoben, near Kumasi. Bishop Daniel Obinim was at the police station to give a statement, after which he was granted bail by the police. Obinim HIV Scandal In January 2010, Obinim again became the subject of bad news when a 30-year-old trader, Florence Nyame, threatened to take a legal action against him, for publicly claiming that she was infected with the deadly HIV\AIDS virus. According to Florence Nyame, medical reports made available to her by doctors indicated that she was not infected with the killer virus. But Bishop Obinim allegedly told his entire congregation at Ashalebotwe in Accra that the woman�s failing health was due to the fact that she had contracted HIV/AIDS. A tearful Florence said this had made her a butt in her neighborhood ever since the day of the announcement before a large congregation.