Tema MCE In A Political Dilema

It is now obvious that, Tema East NDC Parliamentary Primaries is between Mr. Eben Anuwa-Amarh (EBEN TEE) and the rest. It has come to my notice that, the Tema Metropolitan Chief Executive, Hon. Kempes Ofosuware is in a hard dilemma as to whether to go ahead and pick forms or not since he sees a naked defeat stirring his face. The absence of a clear message to the delegates and Tema East NDC members in general has contributed to Hon. Kempes’s dilemma. Hon. Kempes’s could have avoided this inevitable upcoming gross defeat in his capacity as the Tema Metro Chief but unfortunately, whiled away all the time. What the delegates keep saying is that, it is too late and for now they will take all the contracts that are being awarded to them but still remain resolute in using their conscience at the primaries. Some delegates even said that, “yes, we are also waiting for the masloc loans but will really show Hon. Kempes where the power lies”. The politics of division, marginalization and exclusionism that was practiced by Hon. Kempes at the expense of we the NDC members and especially, branch executives and polling agents has really shot him in the neck. All aggrieved and neglected members of the party have been awakened by the sudden disregard and disrespect we received from Mr. Kempes Ofosuware. The lack of a clear message and manifesto to the delegates and members of the Tema East NDC has propelled Mr. Robert Kempes to reduce the seriousness and importance of the upcoming primaries to a “Fonkar” and “Game” games. This becomes very dangerous and worrying when the General Secretary of the NDC has come out to publicly announce the dissolution of all splinter groups in the party. Today, Mr. Kempes has rather chosen to use the media to denigrate the family of the founder of the NDC (The Rawlingses). His recent publications labeling Mr. Eben Tee as one that was sponsored by Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings in the 2000 General Elections are ill motivated and calculated to push the Rawlingses image into the mud. The only message Mr. Kempes has for the delegates is the fact that he contested in the 2008 General Elections and as such, should be voted for as the parliamentary candidate for the Tema East NDC. This is indeed funny and ridiculous. Forgetting that, after we worked hard for the party in the 2008 elections, majority of us have been sidelined and he (Kempes Ofosuware) enjoys the goodies with his alleged NPP cronies. Mr. Kempes contested at the time that he had all the support from all who contested in the previous elections. Indeed, the records must be set straight that, Mr. Kempes Ofosuware had 33,011 votes in the 2008 General Elections. However, in the 2004 General Elections, the NDC had three (3) of her members contested in the elections. In the 2004 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections, Emelia Kai Adjei, a member of the NDC who contested on the ticket of the NDC for Tema East pulled 27,272 votes representing 31.6% of the votes cast, Albert Nuamah, another member of the NDC but contested as an Independent candidate pulled 5,517 votes representing 6.4% and Lord Koranteng Hamah also a member of the NDC but went Independent also pulled 1,699 representing 2.0%. In totality, these three (3) staunch members of the NDC pulled a total of 34,488 votes in the 2004 General Elections which is more than what Mr. Kempes Ofosuware got (33,011) in the 2008 General Elections. Majority of the NDC members in Tema East felt Mr. Kempes could not get all the votes obtained by the three (3) NDC candidates in the 2004 General Elections because of his incompetence and lack of good human relations which I strongly agree. Majority of the delegates keep saying that, “even when he (Mr. Kempes Ofosuware) is the Tema Mayor in Tema, he rejected and neglected us. How much more giving him the mandate to become the Member of Parliament for Tema East when he will virtually move to Parliament in Accra?, then we will die and the NDC will also die” The Tema East NDC wants to avoid the mistake of the past and so have decided to give the nod to Mr. Eben Anuwa-Amarh (EBEN TEE), a man we can trust and who has respect for everybody. Also majority of the delegates and NDC members are of the view that, at the moment, for the NDC to capture the Tema East Seat from the NPP, it is in the best logical and political order to vote for Eben Tee as the Party’s Parliamentary Candidate for the 2012 Elections. This is because, Mr. Kempes Ofosuware will have a lot to answer in the 2012 elections with regards to the ills and disappointments of his administration as the Tema Mayor and as such it is only politically wise and logical to bring a clean and true party man in the caliber of Mr. Eben Anuwa-Amarh (Eben Tee) as Parliamentary Candidate to wrestle the seat from the NPP and contribute more votes to enable His. Excellency Professor John Evans Atta Mills win the 2012 General Elections. Majority of the delegates and members of the Tema East NDC especially, those from Tema New Town are all with one voice saying, “EBEN TEE IS THE BEST CANDIDATE WE CAN THINK OF FOR THE 2012 PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS IN TEMA EAST” EBEN TEE also says “A Better Tema For All The People Of Tema”