Re: Church Turns Into Boxing Ring

Fellow Ghanaians, Re: Church Turns Into Boxing Ring I am writing in reference to the comments made by a few of the readers of the referenced news article that appeared in the General News section of on Sunday, August 21, 2011, written by The Spectator. I just wanted to inform you that the readers whose comments include the word “escapegoat” were only commenting to attack me for the mistake I made on the spelling of “scapegoat” in the piece that I wrote on July 30th, 2011, on the topic, “The Ghanaian Police and Democratic Policing”. This attack has been made possible on me by Nana J.J. Rawlings’ compatriots, whose school of thought sees nothing wrong with J.J. Rawlings’ criminal undertakings in The Republic of Ghana. The second group of attackers is those who belong to the school of magicians, whose sole objective is to portray the NPP party as a party of magicians who are the only people who can deliver the Ghanaians from economic, political, social and cultural oppression. This is a school of hate. These two groups of people have put Ghanaians in an entanglement and have contributed to Ghanaians’ backwardness. They have no vision for our country’s development. NPP is my party, but I do not subscribe to the school of magicians. Ghana’s development rests on peace and tranquility, as well as respecting the laws of the land and the laws governing our international body, also of the global village, and our work as a team. We cannot describe ourselves as civilized people when indeed we do not have respect for the rule of law and our cultures and traditions. How can well raised cultured citizens use the global village as a forum to insult a sitting president because of their political difference with the president? We Ghanaians are negatively “selling or advertising ourselves” to the world. Civilization and maturity begin at home. Our national procedure is that when a presidential candidate is elected, s/he is the president of the nation for the following four years and sworn in as president, whether or not s/he is your favorite, whether or not s/he is from your political party. Under this procedure, therefore, it is immature for any individual, family, or group of people of any background/sect to rise up against the president in the form of violence, threats, intimidation, molestation, frustration, insults or hate, etc. to get the president out of office. Civilized people will not do this. The President, a legitimate Ghanaian, is fortunate to legally occupy our nation’s highest office without resorting to violence and executions. We must be proud of him, as we were proud of the former, and work with him for national excellence and scholarship, not to seek avenues for his downfall because if he fails, Ghanaians have failed and the devil has won. I have been jointly attacked by the two schools of thought solely because of the efforts I make to pinpoint Nana J.J. Rawlings’ criminal activities in the country and work towards getting him arrested. These attackers are afraid because Moammar Gadhafi is almost toppled and fears are abounding everywhere. I am preparing a brief but concise document for our international leaders seeking immediate arrest and prosecution of the dictator J.J. Rawlings. Otherwise, I see nothing wrong making a mistake in life. For the J. J. Rawlings’ followers, because of my persistent mention of J.J. Rawlings’ illiteracy, I deserve their supposedly intelligent attack on me. As for the NPP magicians, my unrelenting efforts to communicate the good news that I have gained in my Diaspora encounters to our legitimately elected president to facilitate his efforts to perform his best for the development of our own land, categorize me as their opponent. This is an unfortunate circumstance indeed. I wish to draw your attention to the fact that any mistake I made in the aforementioned presentation to our president His Excellency Dr. John Evans Atta-Mills and the general Ghanaian public, including foreign residents of Ghana, is not something that is unheard of, in the history of presenting materials in writing to the President and Ghanaians in print and electronic media. In my circumstance, however, mistakes I have made now and then were due to the fact that I hardly read over my work before submitting them to my respected audiences, which in particular, include you. This has always been the case due to the fact that I write late at night and sometimes I do not finish writing. I put the script on hold, and go to bed and continue the writing at the following night. This is the sequence through which I divide and share writing my scripts and submit them to my audiences at approximately 0300 hours Pacific Time. My writing, if it is not said correctly, they are unintentional mistakes. My computer sometimes misleads me in the spelling of words only because of my failure to read over the material, largely because of fatigue. After all, if I did not know the meaning of “scapegoat” I wouldn’t have used it, which clarifies the fact that I have come across the word “scapegoat”. After all, this is a minor error, and it is correctable and I have corrected it. Intentional mistakes, however, have no remedy because they are either misdemeanant or felonious crimes. If we are to cast our minds back to identify a typical intentional mistake in the history of our beloved country that is completely uncorrectable, we would quickly recall the murdering of our late leaders by Teacher J.J. Rawlings; the teacher who setup national procedures of discipline in the national classroom but his family and cronies have refused to observe the procedures. It is now time for Ghanaians to try and judge Teacher J.J. Rawlings, using his own designed rubric attached to his national procedures. Of course, we remember the consequences of failing to follow J.J. Rawlings’ laid down procedures - two hour trial, followed by execution at the firing squad; consequences I believe he is willing to uphold to when he is arrested for trial. Although, the foresaid is not a tangible excuse or license for me to make mistakes, I would like to strongly urge the two schools of thought to stop using me as a “scapegoat”, because as said previously, I am not the only one who makes mistakes when presenting information to audiences on The Royal Enoch/MP/Emperor, Samuel Anane alias Akwasi Kwake - who impersonates me, Dr. Okoampe-Ahoofe, Mr. Daniel K. Pryce, lawyers, MLL holders, are very well noted for making major mistakes in their writing, to mention but a few. But please, may I ask Mr. Justice Sarpong of Texas if he is the person who initiated the attacks, as his name appears first on the list of commentators who attacked my communication personality. Mr. Justice Sarpong, please, did you write the comments yourself? I thought an impersonator wrote it in your name. Dr. Okoampe-Ahoofe, a claimed trained journalist and a PhD earner in creative writing does not know the spelling of “web site” and is confused with the spelling of “commonsense” or “common sense”, which either way, is correct; nor, does he possess good vocabulary in his writings and probably in his verbal encounters as well. Similarly, Mr. Daniel K. Pryce, a doctoral student at George Mason University, does not know that “So What if President Atta Mills were legally Blind?” is not a question. As for Messrs, The Royal Enoch, Samuel Anane a.k.a Akwasi Kwakye and many others’, I am afraid to emphasize their errors. The Royal Enoch begun his writings with over 80 percent grammatical mistakes in every single sentence that he constructed, even though he was a Doctor of Pharmacy student (he is now a candidate). Samuel Anane was in training to become a lawyer when, as expected, he was expelled from the institution. His one year training in law school plus his B.A. degree in journalism should have made him a better writer. He sometimes writes in my name, a crime I could have sought his arrest and detention long ago. I am by this same token, respectively asking you to learn for the first time that the script titled, “How To Identify Npp Supporters In Ghana” written by a Clement Sangaparee, a claimed Municipal Organizer of the United Cadres Front of Obuasi, that was presented to readers on Saturday, 7 May, 2011, was written to attack me per se. The writer was directed by the so-called The Royal Enoch/Emperor/MP/LT., a former friend of mine for nine years and whose shelter is in the San Francisco Bay in California, but claims he is resident in Holland, last spoke with me for hours in February 2009. Immediately after that telephone meeting, I grieved and called my telephone company to change my telephone number. The reason was not because of Nana Jerry John Rawlings, who, as I should predict, the MP envisages was the reason why I did call off my phone and closed all contacts with him. The Emperor’s “I know it all attitude”, which he exhibited angered me and called for the action that I took. Whilst communicating in Twi language with him, (for the MP speaks Twi proficiently) he suddenly started speaking American English; this infuriated me and I started speaking “broken English with poor accent” like a Ghanaian soldier would, although I could not act perfectly, just to remind the MP that he arrived in the United States with “broken English”, as he was a Lieutenant in the Ghanaian military, indirectly advising him to conduct himself and stop his Rawlings “Ghanaian Politics by Murder”. This is the reason why the Clement Sangaparee highlighted on how to identify NPP supporters in Ghana. As you can see, the entire paper was full of grammatical mistakes. To read the script, please log on to and click on Article, feature. Scroll down to Sangaparee, Clement to locate “How To Identify Npp Supporters In Ghana” and read to identify the mistakes the Rawlings’ boy made. The heading is a beginning point. You may also want to read some of the pieces he has submitted out there to make a further determination of his command of the English Queen’s language. Nana J. J. Rawlings boys are “too known”. The so-called FONKAR’s Director of Communication, Okyeame Nana Owusu Pempah, once said to Adakabre of Adom FM 106.3 radio station, “I am a Ghanaian”; yet he claims he is a journalist with practicing experience from London. What a shame! It is my hope that Dr. Okoampe-Ahoofe will cease correcting my writing. He started using adult teaching theory to correct my writing from the first day he read my paper. I am referring to the Teacher Kwabena Gyan’s case. There is nothing wrong if he corrects my paper, but if he chooses to correct any, he should please do so at the comments section. My friend has an adult teaching license plus he is a professional investigator, therefore, please do not try to look down on my intelligence because he helps me in diverse ways. Any time my paper is published, I read through to locate my mistakes and I am able to identify them, if any. Ahoofe was the first to correct the “escape goat” error. Kwame Okoampe-Ahoofe is like Nana J. J. Rawlings and his appointed son-in-law. They communicate to insult. I have always said that one mistake Nana J. J. Rawlings made is his failure to give me Justice. Justice could have changed my mind. Our best writer is Lola Washington D.C. She writes without grammatical mistakes and insults. Another writer is a police Sergeant from the Kumasi Central Police Station. She wrote once and it was perfect. I write without insults! Dr. Akadu N. Mensema writes without grammatical mistakes but she sometimes insults, to take away her Denkyira beauty. The best reader is 3.1 per cent, the mother of Justice, for the 31st December Women’s Movement! She reads like my friend. I may continue! I hope my mistake is not a chance to celebrate yourself. Thank you for your understanding.