Buk Bak Swears...We Never Split

For some years now, Ghanaians have continuously speculated that popular hiplife group �Buk Bak� had split, the reason for the group�s absence from the music scene. But the group has bounced back with vim, swearing that it never split. The group, made up of Bright Prince Tackey Sparkles, Ronnie Coches and Shoetan, in an interview with NEWS-ONE and a section of Ghana�s entertainment media last Wednesday denied the claims of split. According to the members, they came to an agreement to do solo projects at a point in their career and that was what generated the speculations that they had split. However, they acknowledged that as a group, there were times when they had problems and misunderstood each other as a result of miscommunication. �Now we are mature and we are family. If anything at all, we will call each other and settle it among ourselves. When I arrived, Tinny was the first guy I called to say what�s up even though people think we have issues.� The group is currently gearing up for a comeback project. Bright has been living in the USA for over 5 years while Ronnie lives in Ghana and at times USA. Shoetan was the first to travel to Canada but he is back. Buk Bak, which originally had four members, first attracted attention with their hit song �Komi Ke Kena�. Shoetan got into trouble with Adisadel College in Cape Coast because he wore a school uniform in the �Komi Ke Kena� video. Two original members of the group left for different reasons, and as a duo, Buk Bak continued to be successful with albums like �Awensem�, �Sika Kokoo� and �Gold Coast�. It also collaborated with groups like K-2 and 4�4 to release more hit tracks. The group was rumored to have split up in 2006, but it maintained that it was simply pursuing separate projects. Bright�s debut album was highly successful with tracks like �Condom� and �What Dem Plan� . Bright told NEWS-ONE that he didn�t see their new project as a comeback because he thought �Buk Bak has always been there.� �There has always been Buk Bak. So I don�t see where the coming back is coming from. We return to see GH, breath the air and enjoy GH. We are meeting now, there is a lot going on. We have projects in all areas not music alone. On a broader perceptive there are other things to look at. Brothers (Ronnie & Shoetan) are still crazy as they used to be, so watch out. But we are enjoying what is on air now,� he added. He was supposed to be on Sarkodie�s show in the US last Saturday but he came down to make arrangement with the other group members and enjoy Ghana before going back. They also had some meetings with Reggie Rockstone. Buk Bak however said they would not drop hints on when its new project would hit the music scene.