Gaddafi's Daughter In Baby Girl Row

COLONEL Gaddafi's daughter Aisha sparked fury by giving birth to a baby girl in Algeria yesterday a day after fleeing there with her family. The news was confirmed by local officials after the 35-year-old lawyer arrived with the Mad Dog's wife Safiya and two of his sons. Libyan rebels are furious at Algeria for sheltering them and demanded the family be sent back. Meanwhile, anti-Gaddafi forces surrounding his home town Sirte gave loyalists holed up there a deadline of Saturday to quit or face a military onslaught. Gaddafi, 69, was said yesterday to be hiding in his Saharan desert stronghold of Sabha, 480 miles south of the capital Tripoli. The claim was made by his son Khamis' captured bodyguard, who says he saw the despot flee in a 4X4 on Friday. Khamis is said to have been killed by a missile. A human rights group said yesterday that a man in Tomina slit the throats of his three daughters in an "honour killing" after they had been raped by Gaddafi thugs.