Is The NDC Government Steering "Ghana Cargo" To A Ditch?

President Mills government appears to be fading and also gradually but sure becoming very relaxed in terms of keeping the various numerous promises made so far before and after taking over from the former NPP government. "He has not only bitten more than he can bite but also created an over size lobby before his hall entrance, from where he carries too much dirt into his hall." It is very sad that, most of his own Ministers use to inveigh in their daily utterances and above all taking the power in their own hands to imposing sensitive decisions even without the concern of the president. Looking at the Minister of health's barbaric decision to terminating the appointment of Dr. Kwabena Frimpong. Most painfully, President Mills' campaign promise of "Better Ghana" can no where where be felt, seen or traced in the country. All what we can see is, his own Ministers grabbing properties. It seems his government has lost his compass and therefore just heading towards the direction of any available path. The president and his Ministers must however not forget that, there is nothing indomitable and Ghanaian people are opulent in remembrance and references. If the NDC government should remain prostrated and continue to steer "Ghana Cargo" without brakes and gear rolling in motion heading towards a combustible ditch then they are surely going to be superannuated by the (unforgettable) people of Ghana in 2012. The majority people of Ghana have suffered and are still suffering from the facetious, acrimonious and aching of the Mills NDC government, where the NDC protagonist President Mills is consciously or unconsciously steering the vehicle to a foreseen ditch. Ghanaian people have no reason to be Lazarus, because we are very reach in natural resources. God bless our homeland Ghana!