What Awaits You If You Enter Canada Border Illegally (II)

It is written in the book of life that whoever knows what is right and fails to do it, commit a sin. However if you do not know of an act which is a sin and commit it, you shall be forgiven. But when it comes to issues concerning immigration, security services in many countries does not play with it at all especially with illegal entry into their country’s border where they deal drastically with suspects. For a couple of weeks now I have been spending quality time to as a matter of fact educate the masses about immigration issues in some countries as many of our citizenry back home are bent on travelling to these countries. No body can stop anyone from travelling to any foreign destination of his choice once he or she has got the money to purchase the air ticket to fly out of Ghana. But are we also looking at the kind of frustrations they go through sometimes near death when attempting to enter country’s borders illegally? Have we shown interest in finding out the number of Ghanaians who passed away when they attempted to sneak into Europe through the desert? Those who attempted in stow away and sunk at deep seas dying in the process? We are not to remind anyone of his sorrows about a family member who attempted sneaking into a foreign destination and was never heard of again as he was either shot and killed, thrown into jail to die and rot, thrown into jail for life or went missing as he could not trace his background. These ordeals some of our brothers and sisters go through could be prevented suppose some of us are able to educate the masses about the problems they will face should they attempt this short cut process of entering countries? There is no doubt that some persons entered some countries by illegal means and they were successful. But as it is said in Akan,”obiara ni nite”, maybe they were successful but if you attempt you will be nabbed. The real situation on the ground currently points out to the fact that things have changed and that immigration services of these foreign countries are day in and day out tightening their security at the border check points as suspects are every now and then being nabbed. The federal government of Canada over a couple of months now has declared war on foreign fugitives finding ways and means to remove them from the country. The same goes to failed refugee claimants who have gone underground. It is a fact, people do not want to read stories or articles on immigration especially if it touches on illegal immigration and troubles one faces should he attempt. But we can not also sit down and fold our arms and blame the white man for treating our brothers and sisters badly without also educating them about the troubles of illegal immigration. Are you aware that a senior member of Burundi government has been denied refugee status due to allegations linking him to crimes against humanity during a 15 year civil war that ravaged his country? If not then I am hinting you that this ex-diplomat fled to Canada in 2008 and claimed asylum citing death threats by the political rivals against his life and that of his family but his claim was thrown out last May by a board member in Toronto, who ruled the suspect was implicit in war crimes as reported by the Toronto Sun newspaper of August 20, 2011. These and other disturbing stories of people being removed from Canada either as suspects of war crimes or failed refugee claimants keeps coming in everyday which tells us that we must rise up and educate our brothers and sisters to spare us from much disgrace as far as illegal immigration is concern. You may be right that life in Ghana is now expensive to live therefore wishing to migrate to any foreign destination of your choice to make a better living out there. That is fine, but in order not to miss your dreams, please consider using proper procedure and be at peace. Thanks for accepting my advice in order to save the good image of Ghana in a foreign land.