Foreign Affairs Ministry Gets New Site

Grounds have been broken for the construction of a $US15 million building for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration. The $US15 million fund which is under the auspices of the Chinese government is being constructed by a Chinese construction firm, Yanjian Construction Company, will be sited at the ministries hostel premises, at the airport residential area. Vice President John Mahama, noted that the commencement of this project is a testament of the strong bond of friendship that exists between Ghana and the people of the Republic of China. Vice President Mahama stressed that the two countries have enjoyed strong and mutually beneficial bilateral relations spanning over four decades. He said, it is worthy of note that China has been a key ally in the Non- Aligned Movement and has over the years championed the right of other countries to self- determination. Mr. Mahama added that the warm relationship of Ghanaians with the People’s Republic of China has translated into several developmental programmers aimed at improving the social and economic wellbeing of the Ghanaian. The Economic and Commercial counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Ghana, Mr. Gao Wenzhi noted that in any country a Ministry of Foreign Affairs plays a very important role of a country’s image and its work is so important and sacred. Mr. Wenzhi urged both the design company and the construction companies to fulfill their duty with a high sense of responsibility. “Please educate and instruct the construction workers and let them keep in mind that quality is as precious as life, and safety is as heavy as Mountains,” he concluded.