Mugabe's Could Be Dead By 2013 - Doctors

TYRANT Robert Mugabe has prostate cancer and doctors have told him he could be dead by 2013, it was confirmed yesterday. Zimbabwe's 87-year-old president was diagnosed several years ago and told in 2008 that it could kill him in five years. Details of his sickness were confirmed in secret US diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks. A cable marked "confidential" revealed how former US ambassador to Zimbabwe, James McGee, was told by Gideon Gono, a friend of the dictator and the governor of Zimbabwe's reserve bank.But Gono denied revealing Mugabe's illness, saying: "It's a lie. I wouldn't dare talk about that." Mugabe has appeared increasingly frail, making five trips to Singapore this year for treatment. Aides have kept silent about his health as he strives to appear powerful.