FONKAR Boy Beaten

THE EJISU/JUABEN FONKAR Coordinator in the Ashanti region, Joseph Yaw Dosu, was on Friday afternoon reduced to a punching bag when he was mercilessly beaten by about six machomen who wielded guns and sharp knives, allegedly under the instructions of the NDC regional chairman. The FONKAR Coordinator suffered the ordeal when he told the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the NDC, Yaw Obimpeh, not to use insulting language at a public gathering. The machomen, who are the personal bodyguards of Mr. Obimpeh, saw Mr. Dosu’s advice as gross disrespect to their boss so they decided to teach him a bitter lesson by attacking him, a situation which disrupted the meeting. The NDC hoodlums, without showing mercy, punched the FONKAR Coordinator until he was saved by people around. Yaw Dosu suffered several body injuries, especially on the eyes, ear and throats which have now made it almost impossible for him to eat solid foods since he was beaten up by the NDC goons. The NDC Regional Chairman admitted that the machomen were his boys. Mr. Obimpeh has also confirmed that the hoodlums manhandled a certain man at aparty meeting he personally arranged to address troubles in the NDC in the Ejisu/Juaben constituency. Yaw Dosu has since reported the attack to the police but no one has been arrested so far. Speaking with Daily Guide, the FONKAR Coordinator, who looked weak, said during the party meeting held around 3:30pm, Mr. Obimpeh was giving out information about the people in the constituency that had been employed in the NYEP. And in the course of his speech, a man in the crowd yelled that the NDC Ashanti Regional Chairman was giving out wrong information which made Mr. Obimpeh angry. He said Mr. Obimpeh retorted that those giving foolish statements should keep quiet since the meeting was held ostensibly for party members to make wise deliberations. Yaw Dosu said, “I then told Mr. Obimpeh not to insult during public gatherings considering that he is the chairman and father of the party in the region.” He said his comments angered Mr. Obimpeh who then tried to attack him but he was prevented by some people around for sanity to prevail, noting that the meeting continued after the incident. Yaw Dosu claimed he later saw Mr. Obimpeh who was seated on the dais, make a phone call and minutes later “the constituency Women’s Organizer, Gloria approached me and whispered into my ears not to go out because some machomen are after me”. The FONKAR Coordinator noted that within minutes, he saw a machoman entering the meeting grounds and headed towards the dais and knelt before Kofi Acheampong, the NDC constituency organizer of the area. He said after a brief interaction, Mr. Acheampong, together with Kwaku Boahen, NDC Ashanti Regional Youth Organizer and one Mustapha, the party’s Deputy Youth Organizer of the area, escorted the machoman out. Mr. Dosu said after the three men had taken their seats on the high table, six machomen stormed the meeting grounds and started beating him up like a criminal. He said the constituency Women’s Organizer, who tried to help save his life, was hit on the head by the suspected thugs. He noted that he was finally saved by other people at the event and immediately he was freed, he called the police to the scene but when they arrived, the hoodlums had already left. Dosu said he had officially reported the matter to the police who had given him medical forms to go to the hospital. Mr. Obimpeh said someone insulted him during the meeting but he did not pay attention to that person. Mr. Obimpeh said he became furious about the action of his boys so he even chastised them publicly for beating the man. “Even people insult the president so why should they attack someone who has insulted me?” he asked.