Producer Abandoned Jackie Appiah, Prince David Osei Others On Set In Nigeria

As you read this, Ghanaian movie star, Jackie Apiah, fellow Ghanaian compatriot David Ossei and fast raising Nollywood star Nkem Ike are recovering from the rude shock they witnessed in the hands of a certain Nollywood Producer-Uche a. K. a one and two productions as well as an executive producer-Ugo High. Information available to has it that One and two productions has been on set for a while with the intention of shooting over ten movies at a stretch before releasing them at once into the market. In other to carry this huge project to an end Uche who is also known as One and Two relied on the financial arsenal of his executive producers Ugo High, who promised to fund these movies to the end. But as days turned to weeks and weeks to months, the financial muscle of the Lagos hotelier grew weak and Ugo High had no other choice than to abandon both the producer and stars on set before going into hiding. checks at Ugo High’s One Hundred Percent hotel located at Opebi yielded no fruit but we were able to talk to Nkem Ike on what transpired on set . Hello Nkem, have you finished your production with one and two productions? Nkem: I am no longer on that set... Did you conclude the shoot? Nkem: I am no longer on that set and I do not know if they have ended. We gathered your executive producer abandoned you on set, is it true? Nkem: I do not know anything about that and I am not the one to provide information on such issues. The line goes death.