Bank Of Africa-Ghana To Launch In Ghana Soon

The Bank of Africa (BOA) Group, an international financial company, renowned for its commitment to community banking across Africa, will open another African footprint in Ghana soon. BOA West Africa SA has entered into an agreement with Amalgamated bank and has acquired majority of its shareholdings. The official launch of Bank of Africa Ghana will be held on the 29th of September at the Movenpick Hotel with dignitaries and corporate heads from established and reputable institutions in attendance. Under the theme �a new milestone, a better partnership�, the event will be a celebratory occasion with the unveiling of the newly rebranded BANK OF AFRICA GHANA logo and a recount of what the Ghanaian community should expect from the Pan-African bank. The launch is slated to introduce the BOA group to Ghanaians not as the typecast �new bank�, but as a reformed and evolved structure operating with international credibility and hoping to make a difference in the community event will thus highlight the additions to the team as well as the forces behind the reputable bank According to Mr Kobby Andah, Managing Director of BOA-Ghana, �BOA brings to Ghana its internationally renowned commitment to the development of every society it reaches. We are here to improve upon the existing offerings of Amalbank and to be a pacesetter in banking and to be an exemplary archetype for our competitors. Founded in Bamako, Mali in 1982, The Bank of Africa Group is a privately owned, multinational financial service provider that has consistently impacted several African nations with Ghana being the 15th addition. Their aim of explicitly defining community banking in every endeavour is one that from record will be fulfilled in Ghana. Their value of establishing personal ties with their clients and enriching their lives through various community projects has impacted many African in the 15 countries within which it operates.