MP In Street Fight

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament for Afram Plains North on Wednesday, August 31, openly engaged the wife of his closest pal in hot verbal exchanges that nearly resulted in fisticuffs. The incident occurred at Donkorkrom, the district capital of Kwahu North in the Eastern Region. The MP, Emmanuel Aboagye Didieye, who earlier this year angered teachers in the country by saying that they were alcoholics, was alleged to have verbally abused Olivia Dansoa, who responded in kind, causing a big scene in front of a provision shop at Donkorkrom. The MP, who is noted for making unguarded statements and is alleged to have made negative comments about certain influential people in his constituency on local FM stations in the area, was prevented from physically assaulting Dansoa for daring to confront him over allegations he made on a local radio station at Nkawkaw that he had given her GH¢2,000 to support her business. After tempers had calmed down, the MP was said to have rushed to the Donkorkrom police station to ask the police to arrest the woman for allegedly threatening to kill him. The police, upon the MP’s complaint, arrested Dansoa and later released her. Confirming the incident to DAILY GUIDE, Dansoa accused the MP of constantly creating enemies for himself by making false allegations against people he knew. “The MP is a close friend of my husband, Bob Ayensu, and stayed with us in our house at Donkorkrom for almost two years and is now sitting on a radio station vilifying my husband and me.” According to Dansoa, it was her husband who prepared the ground for the MP after he expressed interest in contesting the parliamentary seat on the ticket of the NDC, adding that “Aboagye Didiye stayed with us for about a year before the general elections in 2008 and we fed him throughout his stay with us”. Dansoa told Daily Guide that they spent so much on the MP because her husband used his own money to send him round to campaign. “After the election, he continued to stay with us for another year before he left for his mother’s village, Bomosaaso, and promised to compensate my husband for the sacrifice he made for him”. According to Dansoa, the MP failed to fulfil his promise and rather went on a local radio station at Nkawkaw to claim that he had given her GH¢2,000 to help her business. “My brother, it is never true that the MP had given me that money but the only money I received from him was sent through me to be given to artisans working on his community project on the island, which was GH¢1,000 and that money has duly been given to the artisans as directed,” she said. She added that the MP’s false claims on air were tantamount to dishonesty and ingratitude. “I therefore confronted him when I learnt about his presence at Donkorkrom to substantiate the allegation that he made on the radio station that he had given GH¢2,000 to me, which led to the verbal exchanges,” she said, adding that the MP called her names and she also replied. “I am surprised at the behaviour of Dideye, after all the sacrifice we made for him to become MP”, she noted, stressing that the MP had become very unpopular in the area as a result of his attitude. When the MP was contacted, he said the whole episode was a grand scheme by Dansoa and her husband to damage his political career. Even though the MP admitted being a friend to Dansoa’s husband, he noted that he decided to distance himself from Bob Ayensu because he made an outrageous demand which he could not fulfil. “I was close to Bob Ayensu, one Amos Monyue and John Attipoe but after the 2008 elections the three friends came to me and said they needed GH¢21,000 to be shared among them but I told them I could not get that money to help them but suggested that they should get a contractor certificate so that I could give them ‘school under tree’ MP’s project worth GH¢13,000,” he explained, adding that his friend did not accept that and decided to embark on this vicious ambition to destroy his name. According to him, whatever Dansoa was saying were lies and that he had personally given her money, which was transferred through the Commercial Bank at Nkawkaw, adding that he had receipts for the transactions. “I can’t readily give the total amount of money but I have receipts covering all the monies given to Madam Dansoa,” he indicated. The MP told Daily Guide that he had personally bought a motorbike for Mr. Ayensu, given him GH¢1,100 to buy a new engine for his Nissan Primera saloon car and paid for the roofing of his house at Donkorkrom. “I know it is grand scheme by these former friends of mine to destroy my political career but it will not wash,” he emphasized. He also said on the day of the incident, it was Olivia Dansoa who attacked him verbally, but he did not reply and rather reported the matter to the police.