Rawlings Boy Angry Over Defection Story

BROGYA GENFI, a dyed-in-the-wool member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and a staunch supporter of the Rawlingses, has vehemently refuted media reports that former President Rawlings is defecting to the New Patriotic Party (NPP). According to him, the NDC founder had never indicated to him, plans of leaving his own political party to pitch camp with the NPP in the upcoming general polls. Brogya Genfi aka ‘Armani’, who was fuming over the false reportage, also stated categorically that he had never hinted on any radio station that Mr. Rawlings wanted to leave the NDC. He therefore urged the general public, especially supporters of the NDC, to treat the report with the contempt it deserved. Myjoyonline posted a news item on its site, dated 27th September 2011, which claimed that former President Rawlings wanted to defect from the NDC, which he personally formed, to the NPP. The said story was attributed to the ‘Alhaj’ Newspaper owned by Alhaji Bature, and it stated further that Brogya Genfi had hinted about Mr. Rawlings’ defection to the NPP on a radio show in Accra. Reacting to the story, Brogya Genfi said, “The unpopular ‘Alhaj’ newspaper is saying that I, Brogya Genfi, have hinted President Rawlings’ defection to NPP and it is false.” He sternly cautioned the discerning public to be on the alert when dealing with characters as Alhaji Bature, saying, “His credibility is on a diminishing path and this may affect the outcome of any dealings with him.” Setting the records straight in a press release, Brogya Genfi noted that “I have not said, hinted or suggested anywhere in the world that President Rawlings has planned to defect to NPP. “What I have hinted out of a meeting between President Rawlings and myself, Joseph Yammin (Ashanti Regional Secretary-NDC) and Mohammed Uthman after the Sunyani Congress is that President Rawlings stated emphatically that he was not leaving the NDC. “This is on public record. Alhaji Bature cannot claim not to have heard the news and this probably explains why he has been widely bashed as someone who has ‘jaundiced ears’.” Brogya Genfi also vehemently refuted parts of the story which described him as a pal of former President Rawlings, noting that he was just an NDC member and he did not have what it took to be a pal of Mr. Rawlings who was adored worldwide. He said he was just defending his party, which was founded by Mr Rawlings, pointing out, “defending him does not qualify anybody to be his close pal”. Brogya Genfi implored the general public not to take the story serious because its author, “Alhaji Bature is fond of coming out with false reports and claims only to be disgraced later on”. He catalogued a series of occasions when Alhaji Bature came out with false reports, notably prior to the NDC’s Sunyani congress when he claimed Nana Konadu would not contest. He said, “Alhaji Bature is on public record to have said that he will never appear on any radio or television discussion of political issues should Nana Konadu contest President Mills at the Sunyani congress and Nana Konadu contested. What is Bature doing now?” He said, “Alhaji Bature accused Hon. Samuel Sarpong (Mayor of Kumasi), Hon. Baaba Jamal (Deputy Minister of Information) and Hon. Dr. Kwaku Agyemang-Mensah (Ashanti Regional Minister) of plotting to assassinate Joseph Yammin on suspicion of supporting Nana Konadu for 2012 NDC flag-bearership, he failed to provide evidence.” “Alhaji Bature is again on public record to have stated that the Rawlingses would form a new political party should they lose the Sunyani battle. What are we hearing now?” he asked. He noted, “Alhaji Bature made noise about flying Gizzel Yazzi to Ghana when he led ‘Friends of the Truth. Did the woman turn up?” Armani added that Alhaji Bature said on Angel FM, a Kumasi-based radio station that President Mills had hinted him that he was going to resign as the president of Ghana and would not contest for the flag-bearership slot of the NDC, adding that it also proved to be false. He urged the public not to take Mr Bature serious.