NPP Has No Sense Of Shame…They Should Just Shut Up - Benyiwa Doe

In the run up to the 2008 General Elections, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) made a lot of promises to Ghanaians and vowed to execute every single one of them if given the mandate by the electorate to govern the nation, claims the New Patriotic Party (NPP). According to the NPP, one of the most outstanding promises that then candidate Mills made to the people of Cape Coast was to rehabilitate the “Kotokuraba” market and to develop other existing infrastrutures. Though he pledged to improve conditions in the market, after he was voted into power, not a scintilla of the promises has been fulfilled with just about a year left for his first term to elapse. But the Central Regional Minister, Ama Benyiwa Doe, has jumped to the defence of the Mills’ administration saying it was rather the NPP, who failed to fulfill promises they made to the region when they were in power. “I have noticed that it is rather the NPP who love to always engage others to share in their shame. It was the NPP who promised the people of Oguaa a market and stadium but by-passed them to construct one at Sekondi and Tamale. During the campaign, the Chiefs told us that the NPP promised them a stadium which never saw the light of day and as such would want Professor Mills to sort things out if he comes to power. They also went further to show the chiefs site plans of the Kotokuraba market and this deepens my perception that the NPP has neither any sense of remorse or shame. They never put up a single shed for a market during their eight year rule…but I know for sure that we will do something about the market before we complete our first four year term,” she explained. Speaking in an interview on PeaceFM during the station’s [email protected] bulletin, the outspoken NDC activist slammed the NPP and asked them to “shut up” so President Mills can have the peace of mind to govern. “Now let me put it on record that Prof. Mills came to meet the failed promise of the NPP to establish a stadium and rehabilitate the Kotokuraba market. If the NPP could not use eight years to do all of these, do you expect President Mills to use two years to do it? But at the end of the fourth year, I know the good president will fulfill his “Action Year” promise,” she assured.