Hiplife Group Buk Bak Exposed!

Buk Bak, Ghana’s exciting musical duo, has been caught on camera in a fishing canoe along the Chorkor beach in Accra, singing their new song, ‘Fisherman’s Anthem: You Saw Me’. The group, comprising Prince Bright aka Bling Sparkles and Ronnie Coches, recently bounced back to mainstream music after abandoning the stage for some five years. Buk Bak is on record as the first hiplife group in Ghana to be successful with Ga lyrics and also top music charts with songs in Twi, English and Pidgin. NEWS-ONE caught up with Bright and Ronnie for an exclusive chat: Fisherman’s Anthem The idea is to launch this album by the end of the year. For now we are releasing the tracks in singles and we are grateful to Ghana that we have been accepted back. When we see people singing and dancing to the track, we just get a sort of encouragement. I think we should salute radio guys and all of you for this. Profane ‘Fisherman’s Friend: You Saw Me’ is not profane. It may be interpreted in Ga to sound a bit of what you are thinking but that is not the aim. We do not do profane songs, it is not our style and we have never believed that a song should be profane before it sells. We have the track record to prove this. Take it from the days of ‘Komi Ke Kena’ all through ‘Condom’ and ‘What Dem Plan’ and you would get an understanding of what we stand for. We stand for entertainment and not profanity. The Dream We are happy to be back in music and we are ready to do our best to satisfy our fans. By God’s grace, we shall not disappoint any of you guys. We have something to offer this country and that is what keeps driving us. We have a contribution to make, a mission to accomplish and a music industry to build. We dream of helping the upcoming ones to become great and even greater than us. Take for instance 4×4 or Castro or Pope Skinny or K-2 and you would understand our contribution to this industry. They all trace their history to Buk Bak and if we can do it for them, we can do it for the current upcoming ones too. The Comeback On December 17 this year, we shall stage the Buk Bak Comeback Concert and that is what we are working on for now. It would be Buk Bak and friends and we can assure you that the show would be great. It does not mean we would stay away from shows. We would continue to honor invitations and respond to contracts. The Breakup That happened in the past, we would like to focus on the future. No serious person keeps living in the past. Something happened, we’ve expressed regret and learnt from our mistakes, the way forward is to move on and plan for the future but not to keep talking about the past. Once we have learnt a lesson from that, we should move on. We should focus on the album we are working on as we continue to rehearse for shows.