PHOTO: Man With The Biggest Testicles

COMPASSIONATE Sun readers have rallied to support a man blighted with SEVEN STONE testicles. Messages of help have flooded in for American Wesley Warren Jr who is suffering with an enormous growth on his scrotum. The 47-year-old needs $1million for a life-changing operation to have the embarrassing deformity removed. Wesley's medical insurance would not cover the surgery bills so he was forced to go on the radio show of US shock jock Howard Stern to beg for help. His extraordinary tale touched our readers some of whom have said they would like to help. After his plight was revealed on Tuesday reader Britain4ever said: "Poor guy, you would think that someone who had enough money to help him out. A million dollars to some people is like 2p on the street." While Mikkasmitta commented: "Jesus Christ, I'll stick a quid in if 999,999 others do. As a man I just can't bare to think of how horrible his life is with that dangling off of him!" Blogger Bringingmedown said: "Oh bless him, where can I donate?" Helencyprus said: "Poor guy, that must be really painful." Ordinarybrit1961 said: "This is a medical emergency. There must be some help surely. Poor bloke" Christine Leslie said: "What gets me is that the medical people let the guy suffer like this. You wouldn't let an animal suffer in this way would you? To be ridiculed and teased in the street and not have a normal life, medical costs should be nothing for this poor soul."