Christiana Love's Marriage Saga...Husband's Church Empty

Wife beater, Pastor Love Hammond, the embattled husband of gospel singer Christiana Love, has lost almost all the members of his Life Power Miracle Church as his services are now characterized by empty chairs. Scouts who started visiting his church after his scandalous marital issues came into the public domain observed that the services hardly attracted up to 20 members, though in the past it used to attract hundreds of persons on Sundays. Reports said though the larger Ghanaian populace heard of Pastor Love’s scandals barely a week ago, his church members had been privy to the information for some time now and had started to leave the church in droves. News-One also gathered that Christiana Love, in her capacity as a gospel celebrity, attracted a lot of members to the church and even personally paid for airtime of the church’s radio programs. It is not clear whether Pastor Love would continue to operate the church with the dwindled congregation, or if he would shift into another career, but what is certain is that he would have to do a lot of damage control to redeem his image.