PHOTO: Lydia Forson "Caught Smoking Ganja"

Photos don’t lie but NEWS-ONE is treading cautiously on whether to believe some strange photos of star actress, Lydia Forson making the rounds. The beautiful actress who was once voted an authentic African Woman, was captured in a photo smoking what looked like ‘ganja’. Her gestures, accordingly, didn’t look different from those of chain smokers. Unconfirmed reports suggest that the actress could be a smoker and that she had been doing it secretly behind closed doors. The actress however swore that she did not smoke when contacted on Friday. However, she said she had smoked before but that was in a movie. Even though she did not specify what she smoked, it is yet to be understood how make-believe smoking is done. “Do you really think I smoke? No I don’t smoke at all! I just know how to for the movies. It has to look real. In one of my recent movies, I was supposed to be high and drank,” she said. Lydia is currently waiting for the release of some of her productions later this year. One of such movies is world-class movie ‘Phone Swap’ which was directed by Nollywood’s multiple award-winning director, Kunle Afolayan. The movie has been described as another revolution to hit Africa’s cinemas, like ‘The Figurine’ did a couple of years ago when it grabbed 5 awards at the African Movie Academy Awards after getting 10 nominations. Its cast has also been described as unique, with Nollywood’s Nse Ikpe Etim and Lydia playing some interesting roles in it. Lydia also featured in ‘Masquerades’, a short Christmas comedy that brings back memories of how families come together during Xmas season. She co-wrote it with manageress Habiba Nelson and featured other great stars as Adjetey Annang, Desmond Elliot, Senanu Gbedawo, veteran actress Dzifa Gomashie, and Ebenezer Donkor, popularly known as Katawere. Lydia is among the few Ghanaian actors who are always selective when it comes to accepting scripts. That justifies her limited number of movies. Even with that, she is very popular than some actors who have featured in more movies.