Floods: Mills Issues Directives To AMA Boss

Preceding his tour of the flood prone areas yesterday, President Mills has directed the Accra Metropolitan Assembly and other stakeholders to take steps in implementing disaster risk reduction policies to mitigate the impact of future floods. He said government will support the construction of storm drains to minimize the effects of disaster in the country. Interacting with the Mayor of Accra at the Castle in OSU today, President Mills said it is unacceptable for people to build in water ways and called on a multi partisan approach in addressing the situation. President Mills also urged Ghanaians to pay property rates promptly and advised the Accra Mayor to intensify the implementation of property rates to put the A.M.A in a situation to tackle the challenges bedeviling the country. The Mayor of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly Alfred Oko Vanderpuye indicated that his outfit will take the bull by the horn to initiate steps to minimize the devastating impact of floods in the country. He expressed his appreciation for the Presidentís quick intervention.