XCLUSIV FOTOS: Red Lipsticks All Female Concert: Who Rocked And Who Flopped?

It felt very good to see so many female musicians billed to perform on one stage for the first time in Ghana at the Red Lipsticks All Female Concert in the Dome on Saturday October 29, 2011. Actresses, Female Radio and Television presenters, Female Doctors, Lawyers, female DJs, Politicians and other female VIPs were present. It was a ladies affair. The beauty of it all was how each lady who attended the event tried to outwit the other from the patrons of the show to artistes and any female present at the show. Remember where there are ladies, there is strong competition and the only means they could compete with each other was through the way they dressed. Fashion at the Red Lipstick Concert especially among the female celebrities was interesting because each of them wanted to make a statement with the way they look. Their sense of fashion was the only way they could be indentified and interestingly, every single one of them dressed to standout and look good in their own way. Peacefmonline.com was at the event and we bring you exclusive pictures of the various female celebrities and how they decided to look. The public will be the only fair judges for this because the celebrities dressed like this to appear in public. The big question Peacefmonline.com in asking the public is: In all aspects of fashion (The dress, the way it looks on them, the makeup, the hair style, the bags, the shoes, the belts, the necklaces, the shades, the rings, other accessories and colour combination), who rocked and who flopped?