Heat Over 'Obi Nnim' Movie

Who said movie titles do not matter? They do if especially the titles carry any suggestion that they are non-fictional and can be related to issues or individuals alive or dead. And if titles create controversy even before the movie is released, that could create considerable headache for producers. This is the situation that movie producer Jones Agyeman finds himself as he prepares to release his new movie titled Obi Nnim Ebenezer which translates as No One Knows Ebenezer. Already some members of two most popular Charismatic churches in Kumasi who have seen the promo on GTV are reading meanings into the movie title claiming it ridicules their pastors. But producer Agyeman has told Showbiz that the title of the movie has nothing to do with any pastor dead or alive. According to Agyeman, he has been receiving threat calls from unknown persons. “I get about four calls from unknown persons every day threatening me to drop the movie”, Jones told Showbiz. Explaining the title of the movie, Jones Agyeman said the story is about two self-styled pastors who decided to set up a church but were later exposed because of their bad deeds. “It is just coincidental that the title of the movie clashed with the names of two prominent pastors in Kumasi but it has nothing to do with them” said Jones. Asked if he plans withdrawing it, Jones who is behind movies like All Die Be Die, Roman Sisters and directed several other movies said the Film and Cinematography Board have approved of it and therefore sees no reason why the movies should not come out. He said the movie which features Kwaku Manu, Nana Yaa Appiah, Apostle Prah, Apostle Daniel among others is expected to change a lot of lives as many people will know the bad pastors from the good ones.