God Is Too Patient but Satan Does Not Have That Time- Afia Schwarzenegger

Lead character of self-titled local drama series “Afia Schwarzenegger”, Valentina Nana Agyeiwa aka Afia Schwarzenegger, has stated that God is sometimes too patient unlike Satan who does not have the luxury of time to wait. Speaking on Peace FM’s “Entertainment Review” programme Afia said it was not always good to be patient because some situations demand drastic action. Afia who was responding to issues concerning her fight with her former Executive Producer and best friend Deloris Frimpong Manso, said she was very disappointed and surprised at Delay for insulting her (Afia) on her TV show “The Delay Show” on TV3, with one Nana Wood, a member of the production crew of “Afia Schwarzenegger” who, she alleged to be a gay and a paedophile. When host of the programme, Kwasi Aboagye, asked if she has any evidence to substantiate her allegations against Nana Wood, she said “If Nana Wood said he was not gay he should call river god Antua Nyama or he should call Kwaku Bonsam and curse himself, because God has patience but the devil doesn’t. I don’t just know him as a gay but he is also a paedophile and I do have evidence of what I am talking about”. She referred to a statement made in the past by former president Rawlings who said former President Kufour should consult the river god Antua Nyama if he was not a thief. When Kwasi asked Afia if it was true she has graduated from a Bible school, she said “Yes, I have attended a Bible school to acquire knowledge and not to give false prophesy like some people are doing. I wanted to prove to every individual on this planet that God can call anybody”. Asked if she was a Pastor, she said she has graduated from the Bible school and been ordained as a pastor but she is not practicing as a Reverend Minister because she wants to school to acquire religious knowledge for her broadcasting career, not to preach. So she is just a Bible scholar. Asked why she is asking someone to consult a river god even though she is an ordained woman of God, Afia Schwarzenegger said “Yes, because God is too patient but Satan doesn’t have that time. God has patience for human beings. He is always waiting for people to repent but the devil doesn’t have that time and sometimes when you want to prove your point, you have to use the devil against the devil”. She stressed that if Nana Wood sat on TV and said he is not gay, then he is big liar because according to her, he is a male prostitute at Bacardi’s Night club in Tema. Explaining why she cannot see eye to eye anymore with her bosom friend Deloris Frimpong Manso, who casted her for her role in the popular TV drama series, Afia said Delay insulted her on “The Delay Show”, with Nana Wood describing her as ungrateful. Delay also said Afia Schwarzenegger who is now getting a lot of movie roles in Ghana and Nigeria, should ask for her permission before she goes on any set to shoot a movie.