“I Deserve Miss Malaika 2011”

Miss Malaika 2011 winner, Geraldine Partington, also affectionately known as Gerry, says she deserves the crown in spite of widespread disagreements in the media over her recent crowning. She said: “I can proudly say that I do deserve it. Everyone that took part in the competition was just as capable as I was, because out of the over 300 girls that auditioned they brought it down to 10 people and we were all there because we had something which we could use to win. “In the end, the judges’ decision is final and I feel that I worked very hard and performed very well during the whole competition.” Explaining why she thinks she won, she said, “We had other prejudged segments and when it all added up, I came up with the highest score and that made me win. So despite the controversy, I can proudly wear my crown and I don’t feel bad at all about winning. I know I will do my job well and make sure I have a significant impact.” In a chat with Ameyawdebrah.com in Accra, Gerry also commented that so far her reign had been good and she was grateful for the favours and blessings from God. She said although she had read disapproving comments about winning the Miss Malaika 2011 competition, she hadn’t had any encounter with any individual that had confronted her personally about not deserving the crown. In addition to her campaign as a Malaria Ambassador, which is her official duty as Miss Malaika, Gerry hinted that she would also work on her personal project about an issue involving women and children. Details on that project would soon be made public, according to the Miss Malaika queen.