Is Becca Practicing Discrimination Or Female Chauvinism?

Female singers all over the world have championed or advocated for feminism directly or indirectly through their music. Great singers like Madonna, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Mary J Blige, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Rihanna and even in Africa, Mariam Makeba, Brenda Fase and our very own Akosua Agyapong, have several songs which glorify women and how powerful they are. Ghanaian Afro Pop singer Becca is one female Ghanaian artiste known for projecting the female gender in her songs. Her first and biggest hit song “You Lied to Me” which featured Kwabena Kwabena and her latest hit single “African Woman” tells it all. Becca has always stood for feminism, but can authoritatively confirm that the “Daa ke daa” hit maker has taken the whole women empowerment thing to the level of ‘discriminating’ against her male fans and well-wishers. investigations reveal that Becca is planning an all-female concert this Christmas for solely her female audience. According to sources, unlike the “Red Lipstick All Female Concert” which allowed both men and women to attend the show, Becca’s event forbids the presence of any man, be it a family member, fan or friend at the auditorium. IT’S AN ALL-FEMALE AFFAIR. Of course it has raised several eye brows with some of her male fans quite outrage (and particularly so, since they support her music by buying her CDs), when details of the upcoming concert leaked. Her male followers feel they equally deserve the chance of watching her perform on stage. No wonder some members of the male gender are threatening to buy tickets and storm the venue on that day to watch her perform, ‘ban’ or ‘no ban’. According to deep throat sources, the said show is Becca’s own event being put together by her management, EKB Records, with support from other female artistes. The event is dubbed “The Becca Girl Talk Live Concert” and it is expected to come off at the National Theatre on Friday, December 23, 2011,. “No Guys, No Boyfriends, No Men….This Is The Ultimate Girls Night Out”, is the programme’s catch-phrase, and information gleaned by indicates that the show will feature an all-female Production crew including a female Events Director, Producer, female MCs among others.