Plot Against Nana Backfires

AN ALLEGED calculated attempt by the District Chief of the Saboba District in the Northern Region, Ali Adolf, to scuttle a rousing welcome for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) flagbearer, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, at the Saboba’s chief palace, hit the rocks. The DCE, reports indicated, on hearing that the NPP leader and his entourage were in town, quickly rushed to the chief’s palace in an attempt to discourage the chiefs from according Nana Addo the necessary courtesies. This, DAILY GUIDE’s source revealed, was aimed at portraying to the visitors that the NPP was no longer the toast of residents but the alleged ill-conceived agenda backfired. On arriving at the palace, Ali Adolf began to make his way through when the advance party of the NPP flagbearer preceded his arrival to the palace where Nana Addo was due to pay a courtesy call on the chief. Unable to continue with his diabolic intention, the DCE tried leaving the palace but bumped into the convoy of the flagbearer and had no option but to join it. Attempts made by Adolf not to attract attention of curious onlookers proved futile as some persons immediately identified him and wondered what he could be doing at the palace that time. He however found his way out of the convoy and drove off at top speed towards a different direction to avoid attracting negative comments from NPP supporters. Nana Addo was however accorded the necessary courtesies at the palace where he mentioned, among other things, his reasons for being in Saboba. He told the traditional ruler his intention of improving on the lives of residents if mandated as president of the country. According to him, Ghanaians were presently not happy at the state of affairs in the country, reiterating his commitment to offer them the real ‘Better Ghana’ which the NDC promised but failed to deliver. The Saboba chief commended him for his constant touch with the people of the area, observing that it was an indication he would not be an armchair president if mandated by the electorate. He called on the flagbearer and other political parties to eschew politics of violence and insults in order not to plunge the country in disarray in 2012, expressing his best wishes to the competing political parties. When contacted, the DCE confirmed his presence at the palace but indicated that he visited the chief in furtherance to a discussion they held, adding that he had no idea the NPP flagbearer was in town. Mr. Ali Adolf also denied plans to humiliate Nana and his team, disclosing that if he was aware the NPP stalwart was in town, he would not have visited the chief’s palace. Meanwhile, NPP executives in the constituency argued that the DCE was up to mischief, explaining that he was the chairman of the security committee in the district and had ample information on the NPP flagbearer’s visit. According to them, Mr. Ali was bent on denting the image of the NPP in the area, threatening to resist any attempt by him and his cohort to prevent the party from snatching the parliamentary seat from the NDC.