Obama Daughters Don't Want Their Father In Their School + Michelle IS NOT Pregnant

Her father may be the President and she may live in the A-list spotlight, but when all is said and done, Malia Obama finds her dad just as embarrassing as all daughters find their dads. For the Obama girls, parent-teacher conference comes with the added hazard of their father's highly conspicuous motorcade. In a frank interview with CBS's This Morning, the First Lady revealed that, like any children, hers find their parents 'not cool' and that Malia, 13, has her own cell phone in an attempt to live as normally as possible. When asked by host Gayle King whether the children ever get embarrassed by their parents, Michelle Obama, 47, said that, apart from finding their mother's singing and dancing cringe-inducing, Malia and Sasha, 8, especially don't like their parents visiting their school. 'They don't really want us to come to school,' she said on a tour of the White House's private East Wing. 'Because - especially the President - because when he comes for a parent-teacher conference, it's a motorcade.'The First Lady went on: 'The other day, Malia was like, "Oh no, is dad coming? Is he bringing all those cars? Really it's like the other day I think they almost hit my teacher."' The kids don't like to use the sumptuous red velvet White House movie theatre, instead option to head to public cinemas.'I'm like, "We have that movie here" and they're like "I don't care,"' said Mrs Obama. 'My kids are like any children: anything we do is not cool. They will go in the other direction.' The stylish First Lady said that she is looking forward to her daughters dating and getting 'excited' about meeting boys they like - something that may be helped by Malia having her own cell phone that she can use to 'reach out to friends.' But while the phone gives the teen a certain amount of freedom, her contacts list is restricted and her calls are monitored.