Glo Subscribers To Make Calls In February

Telecom giant Glo has assured that Ghanaians could start making calls on the network at least by February after launching the “reserve your number” campaign on Thursday. Glo launched the campaign as part of a series of launch activities lined up before main commercial activities begin. The “reserve your number” campaign allows prospective customers to send preferred numbers to be reserved to a special number. In an interview with Citi Business News, the Chief Operating Officer of Glo, George Andah, said customers will be able to speak on the network in a matter of weeks. “We are already in the launch, if you are talking about the start of commercial operations, between two, three to four weeks, you should be able to talk on the network but at least now, you can experience the SMS from the Glo network,” he said. Meanwhile, the “Reserve your number” campaign will allow one million subscribers to reserve their special numbers. “The numbers to be reserved are from the 0233 series and subscribers will therefore have the chance to select six special digits to add to the first four digits, and this could be their date of birth or any set of numbers that is special to them,” Mr. Andah explained.