I'll Approach Woyome Saga With Caution - Acting Attorney-General

The acting Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Dr Benjamin Kumbuor says he will approach the Woyome judgment debt saga with caution and professionalism. Dr. Kumbuor has been tasked by president Mills to continue with the legal action taken by his predecessor, Martin Amidu on the Woyome Judgment Debt saga. The Interior Minister will assume office today after president Mills directed him to take charge as his chief legal advisor following the sacking of Mr. Martin Amidu for misconduct. Dr. Kumbuor is also expected to meet his predecessor Martin Amidu later this week to receive further briefings on his new role. Speaking on Citi News, he said he will study all the necessary documents and take a decision on the appropriate thing to do. “In this type of situation you have to see the brief and I have not seen a single document on this matter and I do not think that it is a matter that without seeing the document you can begin to pontificate. It is a bridge certainly and we will cross it when we get there”. Dr Kumbuor said