Fashion 101 Goes On Multi TV�s CineAfrik

Hit television programme Fashion 101 is set to debut on pay-per-view channel CineAfrik, on Multi TV, this Saturday, January 28. The fashion-oriented show which currently airs, and will continue to air on free-to-air network TV3, has in the past few weeks received rave reviews from a cross section of the Ghanaian viewing public. Moments after the show had hit mainstream television four weeks ago, the producers were inundated with requests to have it shown on multiple networks, hence the addition of CineAfrik. Fashion 101 will air on CineAfrik, 9:30 pm every Saturday evening. �The overarching purpose is to ensure that on whichever platform you are on, you can get to enjoy the goodies Fashion 101 is offering, and also be part of that big club of dedicated viewers. Your Saturday evenings just got better. �I am excited at this arrangement, and can�t wait to see the maiden edition air. This is a good step millions of Multi TV viewers can bask in and identify with. Fashion 101 is all about you,� says Sandra Ankobiah, hostess, Fashion 101. On a typical Fashion 101 episode on CineAfrik, viewers will be treated to two segments; the first, known as Star Watch, where a panel including hostess Sandra and some two or three others, will dissect and analyze the fashion statements made by Ghanaian celebrities, on their various public outings including but not limited to award shows and premieres. The second segment is the make-over session, where an individual is selected by the show�s producers, and made to undergo a personality beauty transformation. This process is handled by some of Ghana�s trusted names in fashion designing as well as Fashion 101�s in-house make-up stylist Mamess. The 30-minute programme is executive produced and hosted by Sandra Ankobiah. Fashion 101 is powered by Emerald Paradise Production, with support from the Aviation Social Centre.