Obama's Car Sells For $1m

Chrysler sales may be up in recent years, but there�s one used car from the company that can�t seem to find a new owner. A 2005 Chrysler 300C once owned by President Obama, has resurfaced on Ebay three years after it was first offered on the auction website. In December, 2007 the then-senator reportedly traded in the HEMI V8-powered luxury sedan for a Ford Escape Hybrid. Only 1,800 miles have been put on the car since it was purchased with 19,000 miles on the odometer. The previous auction, which listed the car for a starting bid of $100,000, fell apart when phony bidders pushed the price up to $1 billion dollars and the car hasn�t sold in the years since. Nevertheless, it was posted again last week and this time around the anonymous owner is asking $1,000,000. No bids had been placed as of late Wednesday afternoon. A representative for the Illinois-based owner tells FoxNews.com that now that Obama has spent three years in office they think the car has even more historical value than it originally did. She cites the reported sale of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad�s 1977 Peugeot for $2.5 million as an example of the potential value of the vehicle. The current auction runs until 10:30 PM Wednesday, but if there are no takers the car will likely be listed again at a lower price.