NCCE Appeals To Businesses For Support

The Chairman of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Charlotte Osei, has urged businesses operating in the country to support the commission in the delivery of its constitutional mandate. “Businesses stand to reap tremendous benefits from a peaceful and stable social environment, and we cannot ignore or underestimate the negative impact that civic and social strife can have on the operations of businesses in Ghana. “We encourage business leaders to consider the NCCE as a key partner in ensuring a stable social environment within which they can operate profitably,” she noted at the launch of the commission’s new logo and website in Accra. According to her, “After 18 years of existence, we believe it is time to take another look at our constitutional mandate and carve a more vibrant and revitalised path into the future. “In the age we live in, the website not only helps in giving legitimacy to our existence, but also informs the public about what we are doing and helps us engage the public better,” she added. Launching the new logo and the website, Head of European Union (EU) delegation to Ghana, Claude Maerten, disclosed that the EU has made available for the upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary elections an amount of €7million to support independent government institutions involved in the electoral process. He stated that out of the €7million, €1.5million has been allocated to NCCE with specific objectives to strengthen its constitutional mandate. He explained that the EU attaches high importance to the development and consolidation of democracy and the rule of law, respect of human rights, and fundamental freedoms worldwide. “Supporting democracy is in fact a crucial endeavour for the international donor community, both because of the intrinsic value of democracy as a political system that helps foster human dignity and the contributions that democratic governance makes toward better development outcomes for individual citizens.”