PNC’s Dr. Somtim Tobiga Dismissed From The Party

Litigant Dr. Somtim Tobiga, the man who has on countless occasions dragged the People's National Convention (PNC) and some of its national executives to court has been summarily dismissed by the National Executive Committee of the party for what the party describes as persistent misconduct. Another party member Mr Bernard Bame-Ime, has also suffered the same fate and the two men are no longer members of the PNC. Their dismissal was announced after a resolution was adopted based on Article 14c of the PNC's constitution and this took place at the just ended delegate’s congress of the party. According to the chairman of the congress Dr Sule Gariba who made the announcement, “these persons and their agents and associates have consistently defined the collective decisions of the party, disregarded the internal organs, refused to submit to the arbitration, and ignored several decisions of the law courts of Ghana." “The two, Dr Somtim Tobiga and Mr Bernard Bame-Ime, have consistently perpetuated activities that have brought the party into disrepute including seizing by force the party’s headquarters, locking out the party’s legitimate offices and staff, unlawfully installing an interim management committee, and action unwarranted and unrecognized by the constitution of the People’s National Convention (PNC). ” he added. There were shouts of endorsement by most delegates when these words were read out by the congress chairman. Even before the congress took off on Saturday morning, a case had just been thrown out of court which had been filed by some five members of the PNC and those men were represented by Dr. Tobiga. The reasons why the latest court suit was thrown out would be given on Tuesday thus according Dr. Tobiga himself who told Citi News he would be in court to hear the reasons. The party at its congress adopted a number of resolutions one of which is the merging of the office of a National Chairman with that of the party’s leader. This is to help the flagbearer who would have been the leader of the party to focus on his campaign for the highest office of the land.