AFAG Calls For More Arrests

The Alliance for Accountable Governance, (AFAG) welcomes the arrests of Alfred Agbesi Woyome, acclaimed NDC financier and Mr. Samuel Nerquaye-Tetteh Chief State Attorney in government’s quest to unraveling what has become known as ‘woyome-gate scandal’. Though as a group we contend this should have taken place long ago, on account of all available information, we still see the move by the government as commendable. Whiles AFAG commends government on the arrests of the two, as the first step in unraveling the issue, AFAG, still stands by the call made on the 17th January, 2012 for the arrest of Mr. Kwabena Duffour, Mr. Martey Newman, Mrs. Betty Mould Iddrisu and Mr. Barton Oduro. This position is based on our strong conviction that a ‘gargantuan crime’ such as the looting of 510 billion Cedis of the tax payer’s money, could not have been contrived and executed by only those arrested so far without the active connivance and duplicity of others. Thus the arrest of Woyome and Nerquaye-Tetteh is not enough if the government genuinely wants to get to the bottom of the matter and bring all the perpetrators to book. Again, we are surprised by the conduct of some high ranking officials of the NDC, notably, Dr. Kwabena Adjei and Mr. Richard Quarshigah who on hearing the arrest of Woyome besieged the CID headquarters to lend support to Mr. Woyome. This for us sends mixed signals to Ghanaians and the International Community on the preparedness of the Mills-Mahama government in dealing drastically with the matter and bringing the perpetrators to book. More worrying to us, is the conduct and posture of Mr. David Annan, a leading member of the NDC communication and legal team, who hops from one radio station to another in defense of Woyome. Again, his role as a legal advisor to Mr. Woyome creates a certain doubt as to the real intensions of government in dealing with the issue. Contrary, to public opinion, AFAG is of the view that the president cannot be entirely exonerated from the whole Wayome saga. We shall in due course state our position on the negligence and duplicity of the president and the presidency in the whole affair. AFAG regards corruption as the greatest threat to social equity. To this end, it behoves on all to ensure that every pesewa of the tax payer’s money is put to judicious use to benefit him. The situation where the few enjoy at the expense of the masses should not be countenanced by all progressive forces. AFAG will therefore not relent in its efforts to demand of the leadership to ruthlessly fight corruption. Finally, we are monitoring closely the news about the proposed marginal reduction of petroleum products and will respond at the appropriate time. Thank you. Signed: