Minority Mourning Nana Akufo Addo - Alhaji Bature

The Managing Editor of the Al-Hajj newspaper, Alhaji Iddrisu Bature says the dress code of the minority in parliament at the State of the Nation address indicates the mourning of the imminent humiliating defeat that its flagbearer, Nana Akufo-Addo will suffer during the December 2012 general election. He said the mourning cloth used by the NPP in parliament was indicative that the largest minority group had foreseen the probability of losing the 2012 election. The dress code, he state, was therefore a sign of mourning ahead of the defeat ahead of time. The Minority Members of Parliament on Thursday clad in black and red cloths, signifying a state of mourning which the group said reflects the "the sorry state of the nation". According to the NPP, Ghanaians are in a state of hardship for which they decided to mourn on a day the president presented his fourth State of the Nation address before congress. The Minority did not mourn in silence as the president delivered his message; they heckled relentlessly until it attracted the attention of the president for him to respond that “even though I expected to be heckled, I did not expect the heckling to be so gargantuan.” But, speaking on Asempa Fm’s Ekosii-Sen on Thursday after the address, Alhaji Bature lauded the minority MPs for showing that they are matured politicians by mourning ahead of time, their defeat in the 2012 election. “The Minority MPs cladding in black and red is not surprising because when I asked a number of them, they told me that Nana Addo will be defeated in the upcoming elections so they have started earlier the mourning ceremony. I am happy they have seen that the good works of President Mills will cause them a defeat in the election. In fact they have shown clearly by the conduct that they are matured politicians and I respected them for once” he said. Alhaji Bature Iddrisu lauded the MPs for comporting themselves in the House unlike their conduct in the past.”I thank the parliamentarians for comporting themselves because previously you will see them shouting on top of their voices but that of today has been good. I think the leadership of parliament meeting president Mills yielded great output by comporting themselves well”. The NDC sympathizer stressed that in terms of structure, the executive arm of government is higher than parliament; but in terms of power, flexing muscles and authority, parliament is powerful than the executive because it is the only body that has the oversight responsibility over the executive arm of government. He observed with disappointment that some parliamentarians are bringing the name of the house into disrepute due to their constant public misconduct, naming Kennedy Agyapong and Maxwell Kofi Jumah of Assin North and Asokwa respectively. He blamed electorates for voting for MPs who do not deserve to be in parliament but due to their popularity in their area are there. ”I think voters are to blame because some MPs like Kofi Jumah and Kennedy Agyapong do not deserve to be in parliament. Their conduct in public is a disgrace and bring the name of parliament into disrepute. Many people no longer respect parliament”. Alhaji Iddrisu Bature asked Ghanaians to congratulate Mills for the courage he exhibited during this year’s State of the Nation address and fulfilling his constitutional mandate of appearing before the august house.