Man Commits Suicide For Suffering From Toothache

A former model hanged himself after suffering years of crippling toothache, an inquest heard today Dorian Thomson, 41, who worked as a model and as an art director for a Japanese fashion company, suffered from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which causes increased elasticity in muscles and joint tissue. But the court heard Mr Thomson, of north west London, suffered from toothache in every tooth for six years which he believed was triggered by a visit to the dentist, Westminster Coroner's Court heard. His friend Ross Illingworth told the court that, as a result of his condition, Mr Thomson suffered from sleep deprivation and a lack of nutrients as he was unable to eat properly 'because of damage to his teeth'. He said: 'He was in an enormous amount of pain, almost all of his jaw suffered from tooth ache. [The pain] was unceasing... For the last few years of his life he was taking morphine.' Mr Illingworth, 41, who had been friends with Mr Thomson for ten years, said he had been helping him put together 'evidence concerning the orthodontistry which left him with his teeth in that condition' in the time before his death. Mr Illingworth was due to meet him on December 7 last year but arrived at his friend's flat in Maida Vale to find him hanged. He told the court: 'He was hugely outgoing. He very much enjoyed the social life and social activities. He was previously a model and a model booker and a large amount of that job is social and he thrived on that. He was a high-flyer.' Mr Thomson had previously attempted to take an overdose. Mr Thomson eventually hanged himself after suffering crippling toothache for years, the inquest heard. 'I talked to Dorian about it and given the amount of medication, he was trying to end his life', said Mr Thomson. By the time of his death, he said, Mr Thomson had become antisocial thanks to 'the onslaught of pain'.