Catholic Officials Have No Right To Ban Political Groupings - NUGS

The National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) was taken aback by the statement of the Vice Chancellor of the Catholic University College Prof. James Hawkins Ephraim during the schools 6th congregation and the 14th matriculation over the weekend in which he told the congregated and matriculated students that the school officials have placed a ban on Political groupings like TESCHART, TESCON and TEIN. NUGS sees the actions of the Catholic University College officials as being in contradiction to the supreme laws of this land which stipulates in Article 21 (1) e “All persons shall have the right to freedom of association, which shall include freedom to form or join trade unions or other associations, national or international, for the protection of their interest”. The Constitution further states that, anything contrary to this “generally is unlawful”. The Union sees the statement of Prof. James Hawkins Ephraim as very unfortunate and if the nation does not take care statements such as this will unroll our democratic aspirations in the future. We will not treat the Prof. with kid’s gloves because the Union least expected a statement of such a kind from him. “Don’t bring them into the university. Take it to town so that you do not disturb the workings of the university system,” what is this? The Union will not waiver to defend students right especially in the Catholic University College when the need arises and we see this moment as an opportune time to do our work. We want to inform officials of the Catholic University College that, they have no right to ban political groupings on their campus and we will put them to task if they go ahead with their clandestine plans. Thank you. Signed: