Veep�s Spokesperson Goes On Hunger Strike

Spokesperson for the Vice President, John Dramani Mahama, says he is hugely disappointed that Multimedia Group Limited (MGL) could leave one of its staff in the lurch following the very �uncivilized� and �uncultured� incident that occurred last Wednesday at the premises of one its media houses. John Jinapor also expressed concern that management of MGL had decided to suspend �Ekosii sen�, - a political programme aired on Asempa FM, - and on the loud silence over the incident by civil society and indicated his desire to go on a hunger strike until the Ghana Journalist Association (GJA) openly comes out in condemnation of �this barbaric behaviour�. Bobie Ansah, host of the show, was nearly at the receiving end of the wrath of activists of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) when hundreds of irate supporters of the opposition party, unhappy with how he was 'heckling' and trying to emasculate Hopeson Adoye, the NPP representative on the show, swarmed the premises of the station ostensibly to teach him a lesson. But the timely arrival of hordes of personnel from the Ghana Police Service, with their crowd control equipment in tow, averted what could have easily been a nasty incident as supporters of the ruling party had also rushed to the scene. ��I am surprised at Multi-media that they cannot stand up and defend their journalist; that they cannot come to the defense of the host who did the right thing�I think it is very, very unfortunate. Bobie�s problem is not about what happened that day. His problems started the day Haruna and Ampong turned the Asempa studio into a boxing ring. The NPP sat down, planned and hatched a ploy to deal with him�it is quite obvious and I am surprised that Multimedia can sit aloof; (and not) even (issue) just a statement. But for the swiftness of the police service, Bobie would have been no more today�.�Jinapor said.