I'm Mad At Mills - Woyome

Alfred Agbesi Woyome, the underfire ‘bankroller’ of the National Democratic congress (NDC), has said he is absolutely disappointed at the Mills-led government and the NDC as a party over the handling of what has become known as the ‘Woyome scandal.’ His chief legal counsel, Rockson Nelson Defeamekpor made this disclosure in an interview on Joy FM yesterday. “Yes, he is very very disappointed but he is not leaving the NDC and that is the point….He is disappointed because from some of the information available, some NDC persons are trying to torpedo his efforts to fight this matter properly before the law courts… I don’t know what their problem is. Perhaps, personal vendetta, perhaps he might have stepped on a few toes in the course of his work with the party,” Rockson-Nelson Dafeamekpor said. Woyome’s lawyer, however, declined to mention the names of the ‘big persons’ within the NDC and government seeking the downfall of the NDC financier but strongly indicted the government for the “posture” it adopted in handling the matter. “There too, he is also disappointed because as I said before, at every stage of his (Woyome’s) attempt to get his due from the State for works that he has done, there have been various stages of negotiations and meetings and government agencies and relevant parastatals were involved so it is surprising for him to hear from government that “we are prosecuting you because you have fraudulently obtained this judgement and therefore persons who are from government’ and would want to state that ‘no, this matter came before us and we played a role and the man did not conduct himself fraudulently’ would be gagged. That is the disappointment. “Government’s posturing, let me borrow your word; as though he did this on the blind side of the State. I prefer to use the word the State. He did not take any of these steps which culminated in him obtaining a judgement against the State on the blind side of the State and that is why he thinks for the State to come back and say ‘we are going to take xyz steps against you including criminal prosecution’ and therefore all government personnel who may want to put in a defence in one way or the other in the general public discourse must refrain from that and that is the disappointment,” Mr. Dafeamekpor explained. Alfred Woyome is a ‘Financial Engineer,’ who is currently facing the law courts over a disputed amount of GH51.2million which he took from the State as a judgement debt though alleged fraudulent means.