Welcome Any Political Party That Comes To Campaign In Your Town

The Chief of Gomoa Nkoransa, Nana Abobo Egyir V, has cautioned Ghanaians against rudeness to political parties they do not support when they mount campaign platforms in their towns and villages. He said for peace to prevail, all political parties must be well received and treated. Addressing a meeting of the citizens at Gomoa Nkoransa, Nana Abobo Egyir, who is the Sanahen of Gomoa Akyempim Traditional Area, said being courteous to a political party did not mean one has to vote for the party’s candidate. The chief expressed concern about raining of insults on political opponents and said it was assuming alarming proportion on the airwaves and added “care must be taken not to sacrifice discipline on the altar of political expediency.” “What kind of legacy are we bequeathing to our children if anybody at all can insult even the President on the radio?” Nana Abobo Egyir appealed to the Media Commission to find a way to curb political discussions on the radio, especially the phone-in programmes. He appealed to the citizens to take communal labour seriously and patronise it when called upon to do so. “We are to develop the town ourselves, so we must be up and doing.” Nana Abobo Egyir advised parents to take education of their children seriously because citizens could only come out of abject poverty if they educated their children to the highest level. The chief said any school child found loitering in the streets aimlessly after 0800 hours would be sanctioned.