Election 2012: Ghana Can�t Fail Africa - Mills

The President of Ghana, John Evans Atta Mills, has noted that Ghana is under pressure to live up to the challenge of being touted as the beacon of hope of Africa as it goes into another crucial election in December. President Mills - eyeing a second term of office - said his West African nation has proven to the world that it has come of age and will once again demonstrate come the December 2012 general elections that Ghanaians are peace loving people. Speaking during a visit to the US to meet President Barack Obama, he said all eyes are on Ghana and the former British colony has no option than to pass the litmus test once more. �So we have a big challenge, and we know that some of our friends in Africa are looking up to us, and we dare not fail them,� President Mills said. �I have no doubt at all that we have embarked on a useful journey, and we�ll get to the very end.� �So I assured the President that we have elections this year, but we are going to ensure that there is peace before, during, after the election, because when there is no peace, it�s not the elitists who will suffer, it�s the ordinary people who have elected us into office.� President Mills added: �I told you that both of us are facing elections, but our ships will be able to sail safely to their final destination, I want to assure you.� President Obama on his part said Ghana, under the stewardship of President Mills, has become a shining example for most African countries. �And Ghana has proven, I think, to be a model for Africa in terms of its democratic practices. And I very much appreciate the efforts that President Mills has taken not only to ensure fair and free elections, but also to root out corruption, increase transparency, make sure that government is working for the people of Ghana and not just for the few. So we�re very appreciative of those efforts,� he noted.