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Okyeame Kwame
Okyeame Kwame
Kwame Nsiah Appau, known in the Ghanaian Music circles as Okyeame Kwame was born into a family of eight, one girl and five boys including his parents.

His father was an accountant and the mother, a tutor. His entire dream was to become a professional musician though his parents wanted him to become a doctor.

He attended Kumasi Anglican Secondary school and there, he took some lessons in music but it was his literature master that really encouraged him with his words. He started writing music in the primary school and started performing on stage whilst in secondary school,

He has been in the music industry for seven years and has four albums in the name of Akyeame and one solo album titled ‘Bohye Ba’ under his coat.

He has never been in a position of playing a ‘blame game’ but always stands to face his responsibilities as a man, than always blaming people for everything because he always regards his mistakes as a stage in life.

The award winner wishes that all his colleagues in the music industry would help to lift the name of the Ghanaian music industry high rather than focusing on the money they will get.

Aside Kwame’s music, he also has a live band and directs video clips. He has also entered the movie industry with two movies (Comforter, Twist and Turns and an upcoming movie titled ‘Sorry For Love’), one TV series and some adverts

So far, Kwame has featured on so many albums of talented musicians and he thinks that he has achieved almost half of his dream.